Chef Alec Hurley

Customers LOVE Alec Hurley. He’s a top-rated San Diego-based private chef who creates fantastic meals with locally sourced, organic, and sustainably grown ingredients. He combines his extensive culinary training with the ancient healing wisdom of Ayurveda. What you get is a unique dining experience that feeds the body, mind, and soul.

Alec’s Story

Alec’s a lifelong surfer on a spiritual path of health and well-being, which translates into his work as a personal chef. He’s passionate about creating healthy meals that nourish the body. And he loves helping those who may be on a healing journey due to an illness or injury. His belief is simple—wholesome meals combined with mindfulness create optimal health.

Eating well is an art. It doesn't require fancy cooking, but it does require practice and concentration.
Thich Nhat Hanh

Mindful Eating With Ayurveda

Eat well with Chef Alec. He bases his cooking on the principles of Ayurvedic medicine, which dates back thousands of years. The wisdom states that each person has a dosha, or body type, and certain foods promote each person's body health and support mindfulness.

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It’s up to everyone to ensure our planet will support future generations. It’s a core principle that Deeply Nourished follows.

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Sharing The Love

We are vegans and were looking for food delivered and made with quality and love... Wow, did Alec really deliver beyond expectations. AMAZING!! HIGHLY recommended. Make food your medicine!
Jay C.

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