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Fresh, seasonal, flavor-infused meals made only with local, organic ingredients—that’s Chef Alec Hurley’s food philosophy. Each meal is prepared with a healthy body in mind and packaged with 100% compostable boxes for an eco-friendly footprint.

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Chef Alec’s Food Philosophy

Simple and Seasonal

Simple & Seasonal

They’re meals made with the bounty of the season—blended with simple ingredients and overflowing with flavor. You’ll eat healthy food and live deeply nourished.

Garden Fresh

There’s absolutely nothing like that garden-fresh taste. Get healthy meals loaded with flavor and nutrition and made from the best ingredients. Start fostering a great relationship with your food!

Garden Fresh
Environmentally Concious

With Love For Mother Earth

You’re helping us help the planet. Your ready-to-go, heat-and-eat meals are packaged in 100% compostable boxes. They’ll keep plastics out of the environment and their chemicals from ending up in our food and water.

What’s Important



It’s up to everyone to ensure our planet will support future generations. It’s a core principle that Deeply Nourished follows.

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From Nature’s Kitchen

Simple, easily digestible ingredients are key to a healthy diet. That’s why all meals are made with only natural ingredients that are:

  • Locally-sourced
  • Hormone-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free

The Chef’s Ayurveda Kitchen

It’s holistic. It’s mindful. It’s good for you. Ayurveda’s ancient wisdom creates a balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Eating right is part of it, and Chef Alec Hurley combines Ayurveda principles with his culinary expertise to help you stay in good health.

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Sharing The Love

We are vegans and were looking for food delivered and made with quality and love... Wow, did Alec really deliver beyond expectations. AMAZING!! HIGHLY recommended. Make food your medicine!
Jay C.

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